Do you want me to participate as a speaker in an event, congress or seminar? My mission is to
find a way to reach people´s hearts by connecting with their emotions.

Listening to Billie Sastre (@billiesastre) speaking is synonymous with instant relief and confidence. Her tone of voice, her bright eyes, her manner of speaking makes the most difficult subject appear easy. This is particularly true of Customer Care, which is a veritable nightmare for companies and clients. Billie Sastre is an expert in Social Customer Care that can work miracles in her hands, to which even a cursory glance at her professional achievements will attest. This is the true problem underlying everything in this area: listening and the desire to want to help. Therefore, she is a source of inspiration, on both personal and professional levels.

Billie is an international speaker and has participated in events in Spain,
Andorra, Dominican Republic and UK  

Do you want to inspire your audience to take action in one of the newest and most challenging subjects: social customer service? 

I can help you deliver excellent content and inspire your audience. Here are some of the subjects I can deliver: .

  • 10 golden steps to deliver effective social customer service
  • How to prevent and manage a crisis on social media
  • The secret to creating a motivated team that delivers excellent service through social media
  • Is Serendipity the music of love (TEDx Andorra)
  • How to serve the new customer
  • Customer service through Facebook Groups

What people say about my conferences

I had the opportunity (and the LUCK!) to see your short presentation at the GAES facilities, last Friday, in the framework of WWI. It’s been seven days and I’m still impressed. I learned more about customer service in the ten minutes of your talk than in the thousands of trainings that I was able to attend … And that’s why I wanted to convey my gratitude. It was really a pleasure to listen to you and discover you.

Yolanda Duque

Social customer service manager, Servescol

I attended your wonderful workshop on Social Customer Care yesterday. The physical, the emotional and the intellectual, that is, a lot of VALUE that you contributed to us (at least, that is my sincere assessment). But I do not want to talk to you now about the content of the workshop itself, but about the great empathy, warmth, affection … that you conveyed.

Manuel Hurtado

Blogger, Freelance

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