Designing customer care strategies on social media.

Discover the secret to win over the hearts of your clients and foster loyalty.

Customer care on social media is a golden opportunity to connect with your clients emotions and gain their loyalty. Listen to what they say and discover how you can also win over their hearts..

In this community, everything revolves around our clients. Climb aboard now and learn to communicate better with them..

Social media has changed the face of customer care within companies forever.

The number of clients that reach us via social networks has a very significant impact on a brand, its reputation and, therefore, the sales volume of the company..

What do you do when you call your mobile telephone operator to resolve a problem with an invoice and they put you on hold for 15 minutes?

What happens when the hotel confirmed that it had Wi-Fi and they put you in a room with terrible coverage? And how about when you go to a restaurant that was recommended to you and the waiter is extremely rude?

The first thing that you share with your family, friends and followers, in a rapid and transparent manner, is this bad experience you have had with a given brand.

Clients are increasingly more demanding. Winning over clients is a complicated matter and requires tact.


For the first time in history, it is the client who decides how, when and where to talk to brands.

And in the meantime, what are companies (like your company) doing?

They seek to capture new clients and forget about existing clients

They fail to understand that existing clients represent less expenditure and probably spend more on their products and services.

Their customer care strategy on social media is deficient.

They do not focus on the concept of creating experiences centred on the client and generating the same experience irrespective of the channel.

They treat customer care as an expense rather than an opportunity to learn from their clients

Normally, they pass customer complaints from one department to another in a constant battle to respond more quickly, even where the response fails to resolve the problem.

They lose more clients than they gain

By failing to treat clients as actual people and show genuine concern in relation to their problems, these clients disappear

Clients have only one wish: to have the brands from which they purchase make them feel special (more so when it is their first purchase).

They seek a personalised response tailored to each of their needs.

I am Billie Sastre, the first consultant specialised in customer care on social networks in Spain


My work helps those charged with the provision of customer care in companies with an online presence to improve their reputation, increase their sales and create a higher degree of engagement with clients.

The manner in which you interact with your clients can make your business grow or place you in dire straits. The decision is in your hands. If you want to build better relations with the people who purchase from you and transform them into ambassadors of your brand, this is the place you have been looking for.

Start to win over the hearts of your clients

Billie has been (for more than 3 years now) and is my guide and inspiration as an excellent customer service consultant in digital channels.

Throughout these years Billie has shown me to be a great professional with project management skills, great knowledge about best practices in social networks and communication and coaching skills.

In all the trainings and consulting sessions in which I have participated with her, she has managed to maintain the motivation and attention of her audience, creating an unbeatable work environment.

She knows how to clearly convey her ideas and spreads his enthusiasm on the subject he is passionate about: customer service on digital channels. I recommend Billie for any coaching work on good practices in social networks and on how to empathize with your clients with unique answers. Her knowledge makes it an essential option if you seek advice on the management of your company’s digital channels.

Marta Ballarín

Head of Customer Service, TRAM Barcelona

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