Customers see your business and your brand as one, whether they are talking to you on social, calling on the phone or inside one of your stores in person.

That experience that they want needs to be fairly congruent in all of the channels just mentioned.

As a business, you need to start thinking about your customers as multi-dimentional as well. Social media customer care is a great example of how brands don’t have to think about just what customers are buying from them, but what do they feel about your brand, how do they interact with you, how do they interact with fellow enthusiasts or other customers on social channels.

Businesses that are getting social right aren’t just thinking about social as a different channel, it’s just how we communicate and it’s not separate anymore. This is especially true for ecommerce or online businesses that have very savvy customers. People can (and will) take a screenshot of an email interaction or of a live chat and post it in social media. So from day one, you should train your customer service agents to treat email and chat as if it were social.


Think about it: it’s all about the experience

You can not serve in one particular way on the phone and a totally different way on social media. This is just not possible.

Your customers need to feel the whole brand experience as one, careless of the channel in which they are contacting you.

And this goes for your website as well. Think about the experience you want to offer to your client. It should be a seamless and consistent experience through all touch points.

Imagine that they see an ad placed on Google Adwords, then they come into your website, they read the way you talk about your products or services and they interact with you in any of your channels. All of those touch points are experiences the client is experiencing with your brand and they should feel consistent.

One of the main problems in many brands is that they do not work on customer experience, and when people go into a website they feel treated one way, they go on social and the communication is completely different, and finally they call over the phone they get treated another way by an agent, they email … another type of response!

Wait a minute …. was that the same company?

You need an internal education process

The way you hire and train your employees for multi channel customer experience matters.

Your employees need to be trained on your brand’s tone of voice and they should know how to express this tone of voice no matter the channel they are managing. As a brand you need to look very carefully at how the future employee will be able to adjust to the brand voice, and once the hiring process is completed you need to stress it when you train your staff.

One good idea is to have breakout sessions where new employees can talk about your brand voice, understand the history of the company, the values and core mission of your company and truly understand the products and services so that they can feel 100% sure about representing your brand in any channel.

Another thing that is very important for your internal process is the collaboration that you need to have with different departments: Marketing, Customer Care, Operations, IT, HR, etc.

Understand the technology that you invest in

In order to service your clients with a true multi care perspective you need to understand the technology that you invest in.

Technology around customer care should not be treated as an expense, it is an inversion and the more you develop and integrate your tools into your CRM the better results you will achieve in your multi channel customer experience.

You can leverage the API’s the solutions in the market like Zendesk, Conversocial, Engagor or others offer and embed customer interactions into a comprehensive customer view. So this means that your agents can take a look at just one glace through their entire history, who is the customer, how long has he been with you, what issues have they experienced with you previously, through which channels have they reached to you, who handled the issues, what was done to resolve them.


What do you want to be known for from a customer service perspective

How do you want the experience on social media to resonate with your customers?

Things like talking about the hours that you are available, the preferred channels of your customers.

Being very transparent about your capabilities sets you up in a much better place than trying to just take it all in and see what happens.

There is a huge difference between reactive social customer care (the resolution of problems that are coming in through your social channels) and proactive social customer care (which is about education and great content to hopefully reduce a good amount of questions).


The world is a better place when businesses and organizations communicate more freely, and social more than any other channel has allowed this for our communication system. -Sprout Social

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