Being on social media
means having real and meaningful
conversations with your clients.


We are driven by emotions, and thanks to social media we share our experiences with our friends and followers.

However, brands are still failing to take advantage of this opportunity to find a way to connect with their clients’ hearts and ensure their lifelong loyalty.


This is where my help comes in

I believe that a simple way of being happy is by making others happy. A client who is satisfied with a brand purchases between 30% and 40% more. Companies who invest in customer care achieve better results and boast employees who are happier and more productive.

We all know that acquiring new clients is a lot harder than maintaining existing clients. Nevertheless, we continue to focus our attentions on capturing new clients and we forget about those who have already bought from us.

These clients, if they are happy with your brand, are highly likely to make further purchases in the future.


I am going to teach you how to communicate with your clients using social media. Together we will create effective strategies to reach your clients’ hearts, surprise them and retain them.

Imagine being able to provide an exceptional experience, irrespective of the channel your customer chooses to communicate with you.

Social networks offer us a wealth of information on our clients that we can employ to surprise them with a unique approach.

We have to take full advantage of such possibilities.

My work entails identifying the opportunities that social networks present to connect with your clients and help to create a client-focused culture within your organization. 

Whether you sell a product or a service is irrelevant. All businesses centre around a single aspect: our clients.

Creating a social customer care strategy  will help you to communicate with your clients in an effective manner and retain them for longer periods.

Remember, it is now the client who decides when and how he or she will communicate with you.

You have to be prepared for this change.


With my consultancy and training services you will learn to manage social customer care  and incorporate it into your company.

Social networks require decisive agents, collaborative companies and coordinated employees to be able to afford rapid, transparent, personal and friendly responses.

Working with me, you will discover that it is essential to convert your clients and employees into the best ambassadors of your brand.

Want to get to know me better?

Here are 8 things I thought you would probably like to know.

Mother of two angels

My two boys fill my life with happiness and motivate me. They are the reason that I get up every morning with a desire to do better.

Mexican living in Barcelona

I came to Spain in 2001 and it has become my second home. I am Caribbean and that explains my character: close, friendly and warm. For Latin culture, service is in our nature.

Natural-born sportswoman

I love sports and have played paddle tennis since I came to Spain. I learned to swim before I could walk. I love being in contact with nature and open-air sports, although I don’t like extreme sports.

I have lived in more than 35 houses

I am not joking, I have moved house more than 35 times over the course of my life… So I guess that makes me an expert in packing! I have lived in many cities, which has allowed me to adapt to change easily.

I believe in the power of a smile

I consider myself to be thoughtful and I like to make other people smile. I think that smiles can be seen behind words and over the telephone. I think it is important to value others and strengthen mutual recognition within organizations.

Music runs through my body

I love dancing and listening to music whenever I can. I work better with music in the background and I really enjoy myself when I dance.

My job is my passion

I believe that we should all do something we are passionate about, unfortunately we are not all that lucky. I have spent several years striving and searching for something I love doing, and now that I have found it I am very happy (and proud).

I believe that our heart is our best advisor

I like making decisions based on what my heart tells me. I came to Spain because I fell in love, leaving a life behind in Mexico. For me, success means knowing that I have listened to my heart in the majority of the decisions I have taken.


Billie, what you just told me has touched me and I want to conquer my client’s heart. How do I start working with you? 

Start working now on your company’s social customer care strategy. 

Make your customers fall in love.  Learn how to play a different game in customer care using social media

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